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OMG — We Just Got Our First Look at the Last Season of "Stranger Things" And We've Never Been More Excited

Let's DO this.

It seems like just yesterday that season four of Stranger Things wrapped, but can you believe that we are already thinking about season five? It's true and we've just gotten our first look at the last season of our favorite Netflix show. Can you tell we're really, really freaking excited?

The official Stranger Things Twitter account (@Stranger_Things) really left us in the lurch after they shared a photo of the very first script and then gave absolutely no follow up details. Take a look at the first hint of what's to come in the tweet below.

"Season 5. Chapter one. The crawl. Happy Stranger Things day," the tweet reads.  

Ahh! We can only imagine what "the crawl" means. 

With over 373,000 likes, people in the comments section were freakin' out. "EDDIE CRAWLING OUT OF THE UPSIDE DOWN????? I KNEW IT," @nycjakee guessed. "THE LAST FIRST EPISODE EVER," @satellitesfiIm exclaimed. "I just realized this is the last time we’ll ever get the name of the first episode of a new Stranger Things season, this is really the beginning of the end…" @chiefjopper lamented. "I can't believe that this is the last season of Stranger Things, I’m not emotionally prepared for the end of this era, I'm going to miss the beautiful cast," @satellitekit agreed. 

According to Collider, it seems like this first episode will follow in the tradition of first episodes past and will be written by the show's creators Matt and Ross Duffer (you know, the Duffer brothers?). Although the two did give us a tiny clue as to what to expect back in July. 

"Season 5 is going to start pedal to the metal. We're not going to do the ramp-up. There's no time. There's no normalcy, obviously, once you've reached the end of four. It's just going to be going 100 miles an hour from the beginning," Matt Duffer told the news outlet

Okay, now we really can't wait.