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Couple Makes the Most Insane "Stranger Things" Halloween Decoration and Vecna Would Be Proud

We love Halloween. We love Stranger Things. So we're absolutely obsessed with the incredible way that a couple on TikTok decorated their house for the season. And we guess you could say they're mighty big fans of the Netflix show too. 

Dave and Aubrey of @horrorprops go big when it comes to their Halloween decorations. The Illinois couple make the most amazing props. Including the elaborate set up they designed inspired by the most recent season. 

Remember that now infamous scene where Max battlers Vecna? Yeah, they pretty much nailed it. It's so cool! But don't ask us how they made it look like Max was really levitating. 

"We LOVE Max as much as everyone else, we made this channel to share and promote the amazing possibilities of Halloween," they wrote later in the video's comments thread. 

People online were absolutely amazed. "I’ve now spent too many hours trying to figure this out. You all are amazing and I hope you don’t share a tutorial until next year…make us wait," @nicoleeleinko urged. "Wait a damn minute," @bigbozzoo added. "Immediately followed after the first video of Max crossed my fyp. Can’t waiiiiiit to see how y’all did it!" @sueannman exclaimed. "I’m so stoked to bring my daughter to come see this! You guys are absolutely incredible," @rivermoon16 praised. 

If you thought this was the only Stranger Things prop the couple was going to make this year, you were ...dead wrong. 

We can't wait to see the whole thing once it's done!