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Fans Are Beyond Thrilled That Disney’s “Strange New World” Features an Openly Gay Protagonist

This is going to be a game-changer for kids.

There is nothing that gets us more excited than a new Disney release, but there's a special reason why we're really pumped for the upcoming movie, Strange New World. It's the first movie with an openly gay protagonist. Meaning that so many kids will finally get to see themselves on screen. 

One person who is more than ready for the brand new movie is TikTok creator @daniellesilverstone, who wanted to see more promotion for the groundbreaking Disney film.

"There's a new Disney movie coming out, it's called Strange New World. It comes out November 23 and this is Ethan Clay, the first main character to be openly gay," she explained. "I've seen a few billboards for it, apparently trailers have been released, but I haven't seen anything anywhere," she added. "That's ridiculous, this is openly LGBTQ media," she said. 

Say it again for the people in the back! 

Silverstone continues that the cast is absolutely "stacked" and she's totally right. 

According to the Disney website, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Ethan's father, Searcher Clade, a farmer who's discovered a miraculous new plant called Pando. Searcher must go to a strange new world to find even more Pando after their supplies are diminishing in his hometown, Avalonia. Searcher's wife, Meridian, is voiced by Gabrielle Union, and his father, Jaeger, is voiced by Dennis Quaid. Ethan himself is voiced by The Daily Show's Jaboukie Young-White and Avalonia's president Callisto Mal is voiced by Lucy Liu.

People in the comments section say they also missed the memo on the upcoming film. "This is literally the first I’ve ever heard of this movie," one person wrote. "This video is literally how i find out about this movie," another commenter chimed in. "I’ve never seen anything about this and i’m a Letterboxd user," someone else wrote. 

So if you haven't heard of the movie before, this is your warning! Go see Strange New World when it hits theaters on November 23.