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Sterling K. Brown Tells the Sweet Story of How He Met His Wife and It’ll Melt Your Heart

Apparently he isn’t that different than his “This Is Us” character

Don't you just love a love story? There's something so sweet about hearing two people realize that they're into each other — especially when those two people are celebrities. That's why we're positively smitten by the story This is Us actor Sterling K. Brown told in a recent interview, when he told the absolutely adorable story of how he and his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe finally got together. 

We know for a fact that the story has touched so many other people. The whole thing can be seen on the @blackloveinc TikTok account. 

The story starts with a kiss — well, actually the kiss came later. But it does actually start in a college dorm room. "So we were working on a scene together from 'War of the Roses' and we had to transcribe the scene from the movie on to the paper, so that we could work on it," Brown recalled. "So she came to my dorm room."

"Now, she will dispute this fact that I'm about to say: she comes to my dorm room in booty shorts. And I say it right to the camera: she came to my dorm room, my room, in booty shorts," he added. 

This is clearly a man who knows his wife well because before Brown could even finish the story, Bathe took issue with his recollection of how short her shorts were. 

"I got them from Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor does not sell booty shorts!" she hilariously fired back. 

"Maybe these are Ann Taylor Rack or something," Brown joked. "There's cheeks. There's cheeks. That's all I'm saying."

But Brown made his biggest move when the two were sitting on his bed practicing the scene together, when he leaned over and planted a sneaky kiss on her lips. 

"Oh! You kissed me! Let's talk about that!" he recalled Bathe saying. 

To which he responded, "Yeah, I kissed you because I like you."

Awww, so sweet. And these two bickering over the details is too funny. Yep, you can tell that they've been married for a long time and know each other well.

People in the comments section were swooning. "This is a couple in love. The look in their eyes and the man's energy talking about his wife is so amazing," wrote one person. "You can tell that this is his favorite story to tell. Their grandkids will hear it 1000 times," another commenter prophesied. "I believe him. Especially the 'oh you kissed me.. let’s talk about that,'" another commenter chimed in. 

Now this is a love story that had a happy ending.