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She-Hulk Fans Are Convinced They Figured Out a Major Plot Point

This season of She-Hulk has so many questions that have yet to be answered. But one man on TikTok believes he's figured something out that has yet to be revealed! Yep, his theory is actually pretty credible — and people in the comments section had a mixed response. 

TikTok creator @johngeorgiou0 didn't hold anything back when he shared his theory in a recent video. "Pay close attention to the scene from She-Hulk," he wrote in the video's text overlay.

"Try and tell me that Todd is not the one that's behind all this," he added. Okay, you need to watch the full video to see all of his evidence, but based on the clip we're pretty much convinced. 

"I feel like it’s obvious at this point," he later wrote in the caption. 

With over 180,000 views, some people in the comments section were on his same page. "Before the show even came out, he was credited as a billionaire philanthropist entrepreneur trying to be like Stark so it makes sense," @keepyourselfsafe14 wrote. "One-hundred percent it's the leader pulling the strings but he may be working for him like an investor or something," @captainbatmattog argued. "Thought that was weird! I was like there’s something up here!" @francinewhitney added. 

Although some people thought he was all wrong. "He could definitely be involved but I don't think he's the man in charge," @it_burns_us_precious explained. "I don’t think he’s pulling the strings but he’s probably connected to the sketchy operation," @fre.shavoc.ado agreed. "That would be easy, I don’t think he’s involved," @frihateithere chimed in. 

We guess we'll all just have to tune in and find out. But this theory has definitely piqued our interests.