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TikToker Has Wild Theory About She-Hulk’s BFF Nikki Ramos

We still don't know who we can trust in the new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law show on Disney+. And one man's theory about one of the main characters has us totally suspicious. TikTok creator @comicbookresources dropped the huge bomb in a recent video – and when you hear his theory you'll be questioning everything too. 

The creator pointed out a "creepy hidden detail" from the most recent episode of the series, involving Jennifer Walters' BFF Nikki Ramos. 

"She literally broke the fourth wall," he said, speaking of a scene where Ramos was definitely addressing the audience. "The longer you stare at this image the creepier it gets." 

The TikToker also pointed out Ramos' necklace, which looks suspiciously like a pentagram. Ya' know, the symbol that Wiccans use. You know who else is a witch? Agatha Harkness. BOOM. Is it possible that we're getting a WandaVision crossover? After all, as the TikToker explained "we don't know much about her character." Hmmmmm....

The video has since been watched over 770,000 times and people in the comments section were convinced. "Omg I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt something was off," @jvimievision wrote. "I thought that!!! With the necklace…!! Agatha!!" @mrs_klmj exclaimed. "Breaking the fourth wall seems to be a thing of the witches of Marvel. *hint hint*" @dylanenchanted commented. "In the third episode when Nikki and Jen are having a drink. Jen breaks the fourth wall and Nikki seems to laugh like she heard what Jen said to us," @vdance416 pointed out. 

Although one commenter said it best: "It was Agatha aaaaall along," @nicwerd wrote. 

We're here for this mystery.