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People are Applauding Selma Blair After She Left "Dancing With the Stars" For Medical Reasons

She gave it her all.

On Tuesday, it was announced that actress Selma Blair had taken her final bow on the reality show Dancing With the Stars. The Cruel Intentions actress has long since suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, a condition which she explained has made it impossible to continue on with the competition. "It's way too much for the safety of my bones," she explained. 

Blair broke the news with one final dance on Monday night, as a video later re-shared on the @officialdwts shows. The clip shows the actress showing up for dance rehearsal with her coach, Sasha Farber. And it was there that she gave him the bad news. 

"You look like you're limping, are you okay?" Farber asked as soon as she stepped in the door. "We need to talk," Blair responded. 

"You know I've been monitored and in touch with my doctors throughout this whole process," she explained. "I had these MRIs and the results came back and it just all adds up to I can't go on with the competition," she added, as her eyes started to well. "I pushed as far as I could." 

Farber was completely understanding. But the two wanted Blair to leave the show with a bang and ended her run with "one last gentle dance." The two waltzed to “What the World Needs Now Is Love” — which is just so fitting. 

"@SelmaBlair & @SashaFarber gave us a memorable night with a beautiful final performance. Thank you Selma for inspiring us with your perseverance and radiant energy," the tweet from DWTS states.

People in the comments section were so touched by Blair's story. "So amazing tonight sash! Selma Blair you’re such a true star and inspiration," wrote one person. "I will miss you dearly Selma Blair! I cried tonight. I know you did what’s best for you, and I admire that SO VERY MUCH!" another person commented. "I haven't been watching since it went streaming but just happened to check tonight's and there she was telling Sasha she couldn't go on. What a treat. Thank you for being a fighter for anyone going through chronic illness. Privileged to have watched her last dance," someone else chimed in. 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.