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Sarah Paulson Cannot Relate to BFF Amanda Peet

We’re cracking up.

No matter how close you are to your bestie, you aren't always going to see eye-to-eye. Just ask actress Sarah Paulson, who was completely perplexed by her best friend Amanda Peet during a recent conversation. Thankfully, the moment was caught on camera and shared onto TikTok. And people are finding it to be so relatable. 

The two actresses are well-known for their super tight friendship. But no matter how close you and your friend are, that doesn't always mean you'll agree on everything. Take a look at the clip that was later shared on the @ladypaulsonnn TikTok page. 

The clip shows Paulson and Peet on a video call, when Peet mouths to her friend: "He's hot." Which well...doesn't exactly jive with Paulson's interpretation of the situation. While we don't know who exactly Peet is referring to, the look on Paulson's face says everything: "I don't know who you are right now," Paulson teased. "Sarah did not agree with that," the caption reads.

"My straight best friend/Me," the video's onscreen caption reads.

Okay, that was sort of hysterical. We've all been there when our friend is crushing on someone and we just do not see it. Apparently, other people have also experienced this because the video has since been watched over 580,000 times. 

"Sarah: turn on the AC for him then," one commenter joked. "Haha yeeessss when my friends talk about the men they're dating," a second person chimed in. "Hahahahahahhahha my friends have stopped trying cuz my type’s depending on my mood GHAHAHAHHAHAHH, "a third person confessed. "Yeah I’m Sarah all the time with with straight friends," a fourth commenter added. 

See, it's happened to all of us. We all just don't have major celebrity friends like these two. Sigh sometimes all you really need is for a friend to give you a reality check.