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"The Sandman" Fans Rejoice! The Show Will be Returning to Netflix

Yes! We're getting another season.

Despite rumors of cancellation, the Netflix show The Sandman will return for a second season. The news was confirmed by the show's creator Neil Gaiman himself on November 2, and now fans everywhere are cheering. "The thing we were all hoping would happen... has indeed happened...," Gaiman tweeted.

So many people were waiting to see if The Sandman would get a second season, but Gaiman is here to tell you that it's all happening. "The rumors are true. Netflix is thrilled that so many of you have been watching Sandman," he wrote.

Yep, when the show's creator says it, you know it must be true. 

People in the comments section were ecstatic. "Congratulations! And everyone wins! Awesome news, very welcome. Looking forward to the next series immensely," wrote @GP________. "Yesssss at last, huge congrats Neil, I'm so excited for a season 2. Also massive shout outs too all the amazing cast and crew members who worked hard to bring your vision to life for us all," @LadyAngeIique applauded. "You're truly a lifesaver, @neilhimself, thank you so much for the wonderful news! Now, our beloved King of Dreams will wander off into our dreams once again!" @JaritzaFloresG1 agreed. 

The news is especially exciting after rumors circulated online that the show was going to be canceled. Something that Gaiman addressed himself earlier that day. Speaking to one since-deleted post, the author re-shared it and addressed the rumors head on:

"Shall I tell him he's fallen for a really obvious fake account {Discussingfilll} tweet that's already been debunked many times? Or shall I let him continue in happy ignorance?" he wrote. 

Thank goodness the rumors turned out to be fake. No news on when the new season will drop or it it's even started shooting, but we know there will be so many people impatiently waiting until it does.