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Ryan Reynolds Spoofs Hallmark with Hilarious New Promo for "Spirited"

He really nailed it.

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to have the entire internet cracking up. That's right, the Deadpool had people chortling behind their screens after sharing the absolute best spoof of all those cheesy Hallmark movies. And did we mention he got comedian Will Ferrell in on the joke too?

It all happened on November 15, 2022, when Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) put his own spin on a growing Twitter trend in order to promote his new movie, Spirited. One Twitter user remarked that Hallmark seemed to have their own formula for movie posters – and for some reason, Reynolds took that as a challenge. 

"Did I do this right?" he joked in his response. The accompanying photo shows Ferrell and Reynolds in the classic Hallmark red and green. The two stand next to each other in front of the perfect Christmas hearth. We guess that at least one of them has to play a big city doctor who moved to the country after a divorce — right?

"Spirited," the text reads. "A haunt for the holidays." Now this is a Hallmark movie we'd watching over and over again. 

So many people in the comments section thought that the poster was real. "You nailed it, I thought it was Hallmark for a minute," wrote one commenter. "Lol. Hallmark would be proud!" another commenter exclaimed. "Which one of you is the woodworker struggling to keep their small town family business afloat?" one person joked. "One if you should have been in an elf costume… not saying who…" another commenter kidded. 

Depending on how you look at it, it could be either a good or bad thing that this isn't a holiday-themed romcom. But we're willing to watch the movie when it comes out on November 18 either way.