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People Have Mixed Opinions About the Season Finale of Rings of Power

You’ll either love it or hate it.

Oh my god, the season finale of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power just dropped and we have so many thoughts about it. This season had many highs and lows, but the real question is: was the show's ending any good? Well according to Twitter, it's sort of complicated. 

Twitter user @BronzeFox seemed to articulate what we were all thinking in a tweet she wrote on October 14. 

"Me the entire season finale of Rings of Power," she wrote, before hashtagging Sauron. Yep, that was pretty much all of us throughout the episode. 

People in the comments section were sort of mixed about how things ended.

"This was me for that Gandalf line towards the end," wrote one person. "Lmao this is perfect," another person agreed. Although one person wasn't totally feeling it. "It could only be Halbrand, the invented character. The Stranger could only be Gandalph. Still appreciate the effort to add intrigue in my opinion," they wrote. "This is why the show is nothing more than bad fan fiction," someone else chimed in.

If you're prepared to be spoiled about the season's ending, a TikTok creator named @mrradtastic totally summed the whole thing up nicely. 

"Never trust someone whose first [expletive] line in a series is 'looks can be deceiving,'" he yelled in the footage. "SAURON!" he added, before hilariously writing "RINGA DING DING," in the caption.

Okay, so he was just a little bit excited by the reveal towards the end. But we've waited all season to get a confirmation that this much-hyped fan theory was true. 

Or as one commenter on the TikTok page said: "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! IT WAS THE FIERY LOOK IN HIS EYES THE ENTIRE TIME," @harleys.n.books added.

Yep, 100 percent.