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Uh Oh, Two Castmates of "RHONJ" Got into it at BravoCon — Here's What Andy Cohen Has to Say About It

You can take the girls out of Jersey...

Ah, BravoCon. For fans of the Real Housewives, it's like our Super Bowl. There's panels, big Bravo news, and...fights? Oh right, it's Bravo. In fact, something allegedly went down between Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga. And now Andy Cohen is weighing in. 

The whole crazy story was shared on TikTok by creator @zacharyreality, who explained that the beef came to a boiling point after a long day of the multi-day convention on Saturday.

"If you didn't hear by now, Jennifer threw a drink at Melissa, and Joe Gorga, and their publicist, in the hotel, in the lobby," he explained. "Jennifer ended up posting a long message and her truth, as well as her assistant putting out a TikTok to what really happened." 

In Jennifer's version of events, she claimed that Melissa and Joe Gorga were yelling "derogatory terms" at her while she was getting ready in the hotel without her husband there. "So she ended up throwing a drink of water at them," the TikToker exclaimed. 

Speaking with People, Melissa explained that the altercation was the result of an ongoing dispute between the Gorgas and Joe's sister Theresa Guidice. She explained that during a panel at the convention Melissa told the crowd that the Gorgas were "holding on for dear life" to the Housewives franchise and were "gonna say whatever they need to say to keep them on" after their rift with Theresa. 

Melissa said that she did call Jennifer names while at the hotel, but claimed she called her a "loser" and a "wannabe," which lead Jennifer to "freak out."

"Joe said, 'I don't even know how this dirty b—ch is even on the show.' He did say that out loud, but he was saying it to the other people we were talking to. Is he right? No, but he said that," she admitted. 

That's when things took a turn for the worst. A clip of the altercation even made its way to Twitter, which is where Andy Cohen spoke out about what happened. 

"I think the whole thing was gross. All of it," he wrote in a response to a commenter who was upset by Joe's comments. 

It seems like both sides need a break from each other. Or as the TikToker put it: "the whole situation is just so disappointing."