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Former “Walking Dead” Star Sarah Wayne Callies Opens Up About Sexism in Hollywood

So many women have been in her shoes.

Walking Dead actress Sarah Wayne Callies is speaking out against the sexist behavior that happens on Hollywood sets. Including one incident that happened years ago with a group of men on set that clearly has still left her shaken. "Every one of them individually was a friend. But they became a wolf pack immediately," she said. 

The heartbreaking story was told on fellow Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal's podcast, Real Ones with Jon Bernthal. As can be seen in a clip later shared on TikTok (@realonesjonbernthal), Callies recalled a moment while filming that left her clearly uncomfortable. "There was this porn video that was going around called '2 Chicks, 1 Cup.' We were sitting around the table and the guys started texting it to each other and watching it," she recalled. Quickly, Callies realized that she was the only woman in the room — but when one person pointed out that one of the actress in the movie looked like her, it just made things so much worse. 

Callies asked them to stop talking about the video. But no one in the room understood that the accusation made her feel uncomfortable — not even one man who was a "very, very close friend."

People in the comments section were rightfully angry on her behalf. "A man will only be a true friend until he has an audience," @slideswing102 wrote. "Every woman feeling this story in the pit of her stomach," @chrisdeeryan added. "A wolfpack... perfect description. I've had experiences like that. It's scary," @kimmysue1967 chimed in. 

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From the clip it's unclear if this was on the set of the Walking Dead or another project, but what is know is that no one should feel this uncomfortable while at work. Let's applaud this woman for speaking up!

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