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Never-Before-Seen Clip Shows RHOBH's Kyle Richards Totally Throwing Her Sister Kathy Under the Bus

Mention it all.

Look, so. much. has. happened. this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but one of the biggest fights of the season is what exactly went down between Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rina while in Aspen, Colorado. Naturally, the fighting impacted Kathy's sister Kyle Richards, but a new video on TikTok seems to indicate that Kyle's hands weren't totally clean in the incident. Take a look!

The hot tip was shared by TikTok creator @sebastiansototea, who happened to find a never-before-seen clip that allegedly indicated Kyle in this whole mess. 

"In unseen finale footage, Erika told the group that Kyle said she was 'glad' Kathy's meltdown was being discussed," a text caption on the screen reads. This is of course referencing the alleged rant Kathy went on while the women were on the trip.

"I can just say that when all of this was going down, Kyle said to me, 'I'm glad that people are seeing this —," Erika Girardi says in the footage, before she's cut off by Kyle. 

"By the way, that was between us, by the way, Erika. Thanks,"  Kyle said. 'Yeah that was in private," she added, after Erika told her she didn't realize she wasn't supposed to spill the beans. 

"Yes, I was relieved that someone else saw what I have to endure sometimes," Kyle admitted in her one-on-one interview. "I was very hurt by my sister and I was angry," she continued. 

The onscreen text claims that Kyle "set up" Kathy, but not everyone in the comments section seemed to agree. "It's not proof she set her up, it's proof she acts like that sometimes and Kyle has to protect her," @anniedeutschmann argued. "I don’t think it was a set up. You can feel relieved that a 'friend' now sees your experience but not want the WORLD to bash your sister," @_kellbellaaa explained. "But Kathy did say messed up things about Kyle…..Kyle can say that. Doesn’t mean she’s setting her up," @vic_torii chimed in. 

Although some people thought Kyle had plotted this out all along. "I now understand Kathy when she said the world doesn’t get to see the real Kyle," @adewunmigbadamosi wrote. "Kyle orchestrated this just like she did Kim," @usernotmeaganfox agreed. "Kyle set Rinna and Erika up to take the fall for Kathy-gate. Lol. Then she played victim. She’s the worst," @fatmajesty_yaya explained. 

What happened here is definitely not clear cut. We guess we'll just have to see what happens on the next part of the reunion when it airs next week.