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Ramona Singer Will Not be Returning to "RHONY Legacy" and People are Relieved

We guess turtle time is over.

It's the end of an era for Real Housewives of New York fans. One of the franchises original housewives, Ramona Singer, has confirmed that she will not be returning to the spin-off Legacy series. Although some people online are saying they're relieved that Singer won't be back. 

The news broke after Singer gave an interview with Page Six and shared that she won't be returning to the hit series.

“I do not want to do the show any longer,” Singer told the news outlet on November 12. “It’s not for me at this time.”

After 13 seasons and countless casting shake ups, this was definitely groundbreaking news. Although sources close to Bravo had a slightly differently interpretation of what happened. They told Page Six that Singer was simply not asked to return to the franchise.

The news traveled to TikTok too, where of course people had some strong opinions about the major casting news. 

"In today's episode of 'Not Surprising at All,' Ramona "Poops-the-bed" Singer confirms she won't be on RHONY any longer," TikTok creator @emilycschwartz joked.

"Listen, is Ramona an OG-RHONY? Yeah," the TikToker continued. "However, you don't deserve to be on our television. Your ignorance is what made it beautiful, but now it's intolerance," she added, referring to some alleged racist comments Singer made about fellow castmate Eboni K. Williams during the last season. 

As another article from Page Six reports, Singer allegedly said “This is why we shouldn’t have Black people on the show," while shooting last season. The move allegedly prompted Bravo to hire a third party to investigate the incident. And although Singer was ultimately cleared of any misdoings, Williams was allegedly very upset with the way the whole thing was handled. 

Despite what investigators found, what happened between Eboni and Ramona still left many people uncomfortable. "Couldn’t possibly agree more," wrote one person on TikTok. "I enjoyed Ramona but, she destroyed RHONY the last season," someone else agreed. "Yes she’s always been problematic but it’s the racism for me lol," another commenter chimed in. 

Although @emilycschwartz said it best: "If you are racist, get off my screen."