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It's Time to Return to Genovia — "Princess Diaries 3" Has Been Confirmed

Paolo presents: a sequel.

A new Princess Diaries movie? SHUT UP. That's what we're literally screaming after learning that Disney has greenlit a third installment of our favorite '00s movie. 

Details about the upcoming Princess Diaries 3 are few, but the movie was confirmed to be happening on November 15. 

Before you go off and grab your official Princess Diaries locket (we know you still have one), it should be noted that Anne Hathaway has yet to sign off on the third movie... But that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Entertainment Tonight reports that Hathaway has expressed interest in return to the role. But specifically noted that she wanted to do it if her on-screen grandmother was involved too.

“I would more than entertain it, I’m pulling for it,” Hathaway told ET back in October. “If there’s any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work.”

Andrews has also yet to announce whether or not she'd be involved with the picture, but we could only imagine how good the third movie will be if both Mia and Queen Clarisse Renaldi returned.

The comments section of TikTok were absolutely here for another movie. "I really really cannot wait!!" one commenter exclaimed. "OMGGGGGGG I'M SO EXCITED," someone else exclaimed. "Absolutely brilliant if this true absolutely loved those movies," chimed in a third commenter. "Anna Hathaway said she's pulling for it?... What does that mean????? Is this really real?!?!?! AAHHHHHHHH," another person wondered.

Variety reports that new movie will be written by Aadrita Mukerji ("Reacher” and “Supergirl"). And while of course we really want Anne and Julie to return, we can't help but admit that if we're doing this a third time, we're going to need to see all of the original cast make an appearance. 

We don't know when the movie will premiere or if it'll be in theaters or on streaming, but we can honestly say we'll be glued to our phones as the this story updates.