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Cosplayer Absolutely Nails This Character From 80s Hit “Pretty In Pink”

There's a reason why Pretty in Pink is an absolute classic. Sure, there's the perfect '80s soundtrack and Molly Ringwald. But for many of us, the true heart of the movie lies in Duckie, Andie's lovestruck BFF. So it's no surprise that one cosplayer is obsessed with the Duckman — and their creative attempts to replicate his look is truly out of this world.

Who didn't secretly fall for Duckie while watching the movie? We know that TikTok creator @alwaysaduckman certainly did, and their Duckie cosplay is totally swoon-worthy.

From the vest to the jewelry, this TikToker absolutely nailed their costume! They even had Duckie's shoes — which is just so cool. "Welcome to Duckie TikTok! May I admire you?" they joked in the caption. 

The video has since been watched over 86,000 times — so clearly we weren't the only ones who were impressed. "You've got to do the shoe thing from the Pretty in Pink prom scene! Or the music store scene!!!!" @existentiallynihilistic urged in the comments section. "I knew who it was SO FAST!.. Good job very cool," @squidy1974 praised. "I just watched Molly Ringwald in a movie last night...and now here's ducky! And you, my girl are also an awesome character," @raspy212 chimed in. "Now sing 'Try a little tenderness!' You look absolutely adorable!" @denisesilverman2 agreed. 

If you need even more Duckie goodness, a second video on the page is absolutely perfect. 

Sorry, Duckman. Better luck next time!