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A New "Planet of the Apes" Movie Has Been Announced — Here's What We Know So Far

We think comedian Mindy Kaling said it best on Twitter: "those Planet of The Apes movies are low-key the classiest, most poignant action franchise we have going on." So of course, we were totally onboard when we heard they're releasing another movie in the franchise. 

The news broke on TikTok from creator Cameron Kozak (@kodak_cameron), who was just as excited as we were. "We just got some details on the next Planet of the Apes movie," he said in the footage. 

"So the fourth film is going to be called Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," Kozak explained. He even shared one of the few stills of the movie that has been released. Oh yeah, it's going to be good. "It'll be taking place years and years after War for the Planet of the Apes, which of course was the closing chapter for Caesar," he explained. "It just ends his story on a wonderfully sad note."

The video has since been watched over 88,000 times and people had mixed reactions. "I'm very positive it won't be as good as the original three since Caesar will always be the goat but I'm still excited," @snackary101 wrote. "I think the trilogy was perfectly ended and idk if this movie is needed. Excited tho," @jack0721 agreed. "Loved the trilogy but this movie is probably unneeded. Cesar made the trilogy great and it had a clear path that’s done," @ryanqzzz chimed in. "I was so excited I almost cried. until you said Wes Ball. I have a bad feeling this movie is going to break my heart. He’s going to ruin it," @jimathyedwardson argued. 

Time will definitely tell if the next installment is a hit or flop. But in the meantime, we're so excited for the news.