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Pink Had Everyone at the AMAs in Tears During Her Incredible Olivia Newton-John Tribute

She absolutely crushed this.

Did someone cut some onions in here, because we are practically sobbing after watching musician Pink perform the most spectacular tribute to Olivia Newton-John. The musician absolutely nailed a cover of Newton-John's iconic song, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" during the American Music Awards — and people everywhere are so impressed.

The tribute comes after the Grease actress tragically died last summer at the age of 73. As a video on Twitter shows, Pink really sang her heart out at the awards ceremony on November 20. 

Forty-three-year-old Pink looked incredible in a champagne, feathery dress while photos of Newton-John were played behind her. Pink not only did a beautiful job singing the hard-to-nail tune, but really captured the emotion that Newton-John displayed in the original song from the 1978 song. 

"Pink performing ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ at tonight’s American Music Awards in honor of our beautiful Olivia," the tweet from @onjvideos later that night reads. 

Everyone agreed that this was one of the most special moments of the night.

 "Outstanding… I have seen Pink perform twice and she is everything live. She is the woman, the legend she is Pink!" wrote one person. "Thank you Pink you did an amazing job honoring Olivia. I have to say if they do a remake of Grease they need to cast you as Sandy. You would be amazing," someone else chimed in. "I saw Grease the day it came out. It's never gotten old or stale. This is just WOW. Thank you @Pink for making me cry happy tears, and bringing back fond memories of a time gone by...and gone," another commenter added. 

Pink later said that being able to sing the famous song was a huge "honor" for her. 

"I had the pleasure of being around her several times, and she was as darling as you would imagine," People reports she said. "She was such an icon, and it's a really big honor to be able to sing her [music]."

She totally honored Newton-John's memory. Thank you, Pink.