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People Online are Screaming After It Was Revealed That Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are Dating

BDE strikes again.

Well, well, well. It looks like comedian Pete Davidson has moved on from Kim Kardashian, in a HUGE way. The internet was stunned this week when news started circulating that Davidson is currently dating model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. And TBH, we're still sort of shook. 

The news spread across the internet quickly and even ended up on TikTok where creator @zacharyreality has some strong thoughts. 

"Pete Davidson might be dating Emily Ratajkowski," Zachary said in the clip. "After [Instagram account] Deuxmoi posted a spotting that Emrata and Pete were on a date in Brooklyn, holding hands and all. The internet is subtly starting to quake," he added. 

"He's never been my type, but Pete for whatever reason can truly get whatever girl that he wants," he added. 

The news is especially spicy considering that Davidson's ex, Kim Kardashian had some sort of friendship with the model — but apparently they weren't that close. 

According to Us Weekly, a source told the news outlet that the 28-year-old Davidson and 31-year-old Ratajkowski are smitten. 

"Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now," the source said, before adding that the couple is “in the very early stages, but both really like each other.” 

On TikTok, people in the comments section were freaking out. "He is my #1 male crush and she is my #1 female crush. He finally met his match," wrote one person. "Very much NOT shocking lol the guy clearly has a great personality," someone else chimed in. "I like how he’s a relationship type of guy and not for the streets, just my opinion. Also, I call dibs next," another commenter joked. "Love this couple - Pete is a gem. Not the typical Hollywood vibe," some one else agreed. 

Obviously things are still early, but we can't wait to see how things develop between these two.