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Poster for the Next Season of "You" Shows Joe Goldberg in London — And Fans Can't Wait

What's Joe up to?

Well, well, well. Look whose found themselves across the pond? That's right, our first taste of what's to come in season four of Netflix's You has just been released. And from the looks of it, Joe Goldberg has flown America for the UK. Interesting...

The move follows an explosive end to season three, in which (spoiler!) Joe kills his wife Love at their home in suburbia and flees to England, Collider reports.

This will be the first season to take place outside the United States, Collider states. And to help Joe blend in with his new surroundings he adopts a new alias, Professor Johnathan Moore. Great, he's going to be a professor this season, that won't end in disaster — right?

Many of the details of the upcoming season have yet to be revealed. Even though the poster was recently shared on Instagram

"London's calling with some news. Your travel itinerary will be updated this time tomorrow," the caption reads.

The poster shows Joe in full professor-mode, surrounding by those iconic British double-decker buses. A cool feature of the poster is Joe's moving eyes. It almost seems like the serial killer is looking up at you. 

It's an understatement to say that people in the comments section were excited. "His eyes freaked me out I thought it's a pic," wrote one person. "Still haven’t forgiven Joe for killing Love. She just matched your energy, sir!" another person exclaimed. "Please let people have their tea and biscuits before you kill them," a third commenter joked. "Can’t wait to see how many people this man kills this time," someone else chimed in. 

Although we think one commenter said it best: "Now he's killing internationally." We guess we'll just have to wait and see when You season four is released next year.