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TikTok is Dying Over the Cringiest Scene from "Love is Blind" Season 3

The editors had it out for this guy.

Okay, we have to admit that we've never seen an episode of Love is Blind. But after watching a clip of the show on TikTok, we're pretty much ready to binge watch the entire show. The current season dropped on October 19, but already the internet is singling out one contestant who made quite the impression. 

The buzz made its way to TikTok creator @natalieminalee, who said that her followers told her she just "had" to watch what happened. Take a look in the video below. 

"Watching the cringiest scene from Love is Blind S3," the onscreen caption reads. The footage shows contestant Andrew Lui during one of his confessional interviews. 

According to TV Insider, the scene happens after Lui's marriage proposal is rejected by another contestant named Nancy.

"What are you thinking about?" a producer asked Lui from behind the camera. 

"Are you rolling?" Lui asked in response. 

"Yes," the producer answered. 

If you've ever wondered whether or not all those crying scenes on reality dating shows are real — what happened next might totally blow your mind. Lui pulls out a bottle of eyedrops. "Mind if I...?" he asked before squirting some of the lubricant in his eyes. You can probably guess what happens from there.

"I never thought I could care for someone who could bring me to tears," he said. 

The internet was going nuts over the clip. "I love the editors for leaving that whole thing in. That's amazing! Hella clutch," wrote @toxscreen in the comments section of the TikTok video. "The editors really said: 'Sorry man I’m not paid to edit overtime,'" @heyitswonwoo joked. "I wanna see his face when he found out," @em.azel begged. 

We really have to give the editing team props for keeping the "real" part of reality TV.