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A New Show About the Last Blockbuster is Coming to Netflix — Oh the Irony

Thankfully, there's no late fees to watch this show.

Remember the days of going to Blockbuster on a Friday night? It was always so fun to wander the aisles until you found the perfect movie. Well a new show on Netflix about the very last Blockbuster is going to capture all that 90s magic. And yes, it's called Blockbuster.

The show was created by the writers of Superstore AND Brooklyn Nine-Nine — so you know it's going to be good. Take a look at a preview of the upcoming series from TikTok creator Cameron Kozak (@kodak_cameron). 

According to Kozak, the show will star Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat and WandaVision, and Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. "We just got the first official trailer for the Blockbuster series that's coming to Netflix," he explained in his video. "The series follows this guy Timmy, played by Randall Park. He ends up discovering that he's managing the last Blockbuster in America, so he does everything he can to make sure that the company stays afloat," he added. Okay, consider us totally onboard. 

With over 1.3 million views on the clip, it seems like were weren't the only ones totally ready to re-live our Blockbuster days. "I'M CRYING I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS I LOVE MELISSA AND B99 AND SUPERSTOREEE SO MUCH," @blairv6 wrote. "Randall park and Amy Santiago 100% will watch this," another commenter chimed in. "Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of my favorite shows so I see this as an absolute win," @_r.j.k_ agreed. 

Although some people pointed out that it was a little ironic that Netflix was making the show. "But Netflix put Blockbuster out of business," @nightmarishstate explained. "A Netflix series about Blockbuster's dissolution? Priceless!!!!!" @mrsarcasm101 teased. "A Blockbuster [series] on Netflix. The disrespect," @7azreal joked. 

Okay, so it's a little shady. But we really believe that Kozak wrote in the caption: "This series is gonna be awesome." Yep, it totally is.