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“Stranger Things” Fan Rips Into Nancy Wheeler and People Have Mixed Feelings

If there's one thing that really brings out the strong feelings in people, it's their favorite TV show. And in the world of Hawkins, Indiana there is no one how brings out the hot takes like Nancy Wheeler. Just take a recent TikTok video from Stranger Things fan Sydney Robinson (@thatgirlsydjo), whose rant against Nancy is definitely worth seeing. 

Robinson weighed in on the whole Nancy-Steve debate  — and boy did she have some strong feelings on why Nancy doesn't deserve our favorite babysitter. 

While most people question whether Steve or Jonathan is a better match for Nancy, Robinson turned the whole debate on its head. "Did anyone ever stop to think whether Nancy actually deserved Steve?" she asked. "Let me present my argument." 

The TikToker had many good reasons why Nancy was ...sort of the worst. Of course, Steve had his *ahem* moments too — but Robinson pointed out that once Steve saw what was happening in the Upside Down he ran "back into the house because he loves Nancy," she said. She had several other really good reasons why Nancy is sort of a terrible match for Steve — but you'll need to take a look and decide for yourself!

People in the comments section had their own feelings. "Nancy needs to work on herself and Steve needs someone who actually loves him," @Clara wrote. "Jonathan can’t even decide if he wants to go to college with her bro," @micaella.gomes1 pointed out. "S1: Nancy is to good for Steve … S2-4: Steve is too good for Nancy," @hodgesart argued. "STEVE SUCKED IN SEASON 1, BUT I GREW TO LOVE HIM AND HE HAS HAD THE BEST CHARACTER GROWTH," @ethantrace chimed in. "HE DESERVES THE WORLD."

Although a few people disagreed. "That's her boyfriend what do you mean... 'AUDACITY' like chill," @rosesarejesolo commented, speaking of Nancy and Jonathan's big kiss scene. "What do you mean she had the audacity to kiss Jonathan in front of him.. he’s literally her boyfriend," @um_idkh.i agreed. 

Obviously Steve has his fans. But we'll have to see how it all plays out next season.