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People Think Casting Director’s Decision to Hire Liam Neeson for Leslie Nielsen “Naked Gun” Remake Is Solely Due to Names Rhyming

This is too funny.

You might know remember the movie The Naked Gun as being one of the goofiest comedies of the '80s. But did you know that they're making a re-make of the beloved 1988 film? There's no way they could ever top the original, but a recent theory from fans shows that they're really going to give it a try. 

It all started when Twitter user @GerardGuey shared a post about the remake's decision to hire actor Liam Neeson in the new film. And right away he noticed that something was off. 

"'Hmm who the most phonetically similar name to Leslie Nielsen' - Paramount casting directors apparently," he wrote in the caption. Liam Neeson. Leslie Nielsen. Oh boy, you don't think they would cast someone for the jokes... do you? 

Some people in the comments section seemed to agree that there was a connection. 

"Leslie Nielsen… LN… Liam Neeson…" one commenter pointed out. "This is honestly perfect casting," another commenter added. "I suspect Liam Neeson is only attached to star as he sounds like Leslie Nielsen," someone else chimed in. "Were they specifically seeking out the actor whose name is most similar to 'Leslie Nielsen?'" added another person.

According to Deadline, the new movie will technically be a reboot and Akiva Schaffer (of Lonely Island fame) is set to direct. The movie has yet to be greenlit, but sources told the news outlet that once Neeson signs on things are bound to move ahead. Details of the plot have yet to be revealed, but it's believed that Neeson would be playing the son of Detective Frank Drebin (you know, the role that Nielsen played) in the new installment. 

We won't really know what's going to happen until more information is released. But suffice it to say we're totally impressed if this casting decision was one big joke.