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Fans Rally Around Harry Styles’ Newest Film “My Policeman” Because It’s Not Getting Enough Promo

And people certainly have their theories as to why.

The people who consider themselves a Harry Styles fan ranges from young teenage girls to — well, basically anybody. But did you know that the "Watermelon Sugar" singer has a new movie coming out in just days? Neither did a lot of people, and now people online are seriously confused as to why this movie isn't getting a lot of press. 

Styles' last film Don't Worry Darling had just a wee bit of buzz — and by that we mean it was a media circus. Including a viral "did-Harry-Styles-just-spit-on-Chris-Pine" moment that had everyone on the internet spinning. But the press for this movie hasn't just been quiet, it's non-existent. 

The movie follows a love triangle between policeman Tom (Styles), a teacher named Marion (Emma Corrin), and a museum curator named Patrick (David Dawson)," People reports. In the film, Tom feels torn between his wife Marion and his friend Patrick, whom he's starting to fall in love with. 

This movie has so much going for it, but as many people online pointed out there has been little-to-no mention of it in the press. "Show #MyPoliceman the love it deserves. My Policeman is an important movie to see," @TwiztedCharizma wrote on Twitter. 

And other people agreed. "My Policeman is out in two days and there is so much silence around Harry's team? Like is that normal?" another commenter added. "Harry’s team completely ignoring My Policeman while they desperately did everything they could to support another movie tells you everything you need to know about who decided to be involved in which movie," another person chimed in.

While a third commenter had a theory on what was going on. "My Policeman is hitting general theaters in two days and I haven’t received a single email or seen any promo for it from Harry’s team. It’s blatantly homophobic to ignore this project of his when the other one got shoved down my throat every second of every day," they explained.

It's sad that projects like this one often gets side-lined. So if you really want to support LGBTQ+ love stories, check out My Policeman when it hits theaters on October 21 and Amazon Prime on November 4.