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People are Going Bananas After Millie Bobby Brown Said Finn Wolfhard Was a Bad Kisser on a Lie Detector Test

We wouldn't want to be Finn after seeing this.

Millie Bobby Brown is spilling the tea on her Stranger Things co-star — although we're pretty sure he really wished she hadn't. We're sure Finn Wolfhard isn't going to be too happy when he sees video of a lie detector test the actress took recently. But we have to admit, it was pretty interesting to see the actress not hold back. 

If you really want to know what Brown thinks about her co-star, well apparently all you have to do is ask. Just take the video that made its way to TikTok and shows Brown getting real about their onscreen kissing scenes. 

Speaking with a polygraph examiner off-screen, Brown looked just a bit stressed while answering the probing questions. 

"You exclaimed kissing sucks after your first kiss with Finn Wolfhard. Is Finn just a lousy kisser?" the polygraph examiner asked. 

Without hesitation Brown answered. "He is." 

Oof, that has to hurt. 

"She's telling the truth. He's a lousy kisser," the polygraph test reader said. 

"So he hasn't gotten any better?" the person off-screen asked. 

"Not with me, no," Brown responded. She then said that she'd never told Wolfhard that he was a bad kisser. 

"He's gonna find out," the person off-screen pointed out. 

"That's okay," Brown said. 

"Sorry to #FinnWolfhard," the video's caption reads. Sorry, indeed.

People in the comments section felt bad for poor Finn. "I mean, weren’t they like… 11 at the time? What did she expect?" wrote @mirandarudy. "Isn't that a good thing? He's doing it professionally not passionately," @ktowngal613 wondered. "Millie: that's okay. Also Millie: *wondering if that's okay*" @redstring.stray teased. "Am I the only one getting the awkward vibe from this interview?" @clairetheonlybear wondered. 

Although many people pointed out that the polygraph interpreter seemed a little too involved in her answers. "Why the man had to look dead at the camera when said ' HES A LOUSY KISSER,'" @qmanwitonestand joked before adding a crying-laughing emoji. 

Teenagers. They can be absolutely savage can't they?