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People are Sending Their Love After Megan Thee Stallion Almost Broke Down in Tears During Her SNL Performance

We're with you, Meg.

There's no denying that Megan Thee Stallion crushed it as both host and musical guest of SNL on Saturday. But a moment during one of the musical performances of the night has people on the internet heartbroken for the singer — and we totally understand why. 

A copy of Megan's performance of "Anxiety" made its way to TikTok and it really is so touching. Take a look at the video from @kcindallas below!

Shortly after the clip starts, Megan starts rapping about penning a "letter to Heaven" — "I would tell my mama that I shoulda been listening," she said. "And I would tell her sorry that I really been wilding/ And ask her to forgive me 'cause I've really been trying," she added. Awww, Meg.

"Megan Thee Stallion kills on SNL tonight," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section wanted to give the rapper a hug. "Awwww she was fighting back her tears and she still delivered," @kashmoney819 wrote. "Our girl was crying…I wanted to give her a long mama hug," @nunya0404 added. "She almost broke down and cried... but she made it through. sending her lots of love hugs and strength. This was an awesome performance," @geminitwin120 chimed in. "She was feeling it..And that’s ok," @miamyamoe2 agreed.

According to People, the 27-year-old lost her mom Holly Thomas in 2019 to brain cancer. Speaking with Ebro and Nadeska on The Ebro Show, Megan got candid about how hard it's been since her mother's passing. 

"I just be taking it day by day and I be like 'Lord, thank you for getting me up out this bed' because sometimes I just wanna say 'I'll lay here for another hour, I'm not going.' And then I be, 'No, you're Megan Thee Stallion… you gotta take care of you,' " she said. "Who else is gonna take care of you?"

She also said that her mother encouraged her to never give up her music career, even after she got sick. 

"She was my best friend, my manager, she was my everything, and I know she's proud of me today," Megan said.