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MCU Fans Are Furious “Cassie Lang” Was Recast in Ant-Man and the Wasp

No one really gets Marvel’s decision making process here.

We've been practically buzzing since the new Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer dropped. And while overall the response seems to be positive, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the franchise has made a few tweaks since the last Ant-Man film. Namely, that they've decided to recast Ant-Man's daughter Cassie Lang. And well...the decision is not going over well online. 

Like every dishy conversation, the debate started on Twitter where some users were truly perplexed by the decision to recast actress Emma Fuhrmann with Kathryn Newton. 

"Why does everyone seems so against the recast of Cassie Lang? I mean, I feel bad for the way they did Emma dirty by recasting her role without any information and found it [through an] article(?) but in my opinion Kathryn also a good actress. Have y'all watched The Society series or Freaky movie?" twitter user @ichuaena wondered. 

The Twitter user wasn't the only one who noticed the change, but many people weren't happy about it. "Why did they recast Ant-Man’s daughter?" @blurayangel wondered. "I thought it was just me, I knew she looked different," @thebestcomictok added. "It honestly makes no sense. Like couldn't they have given her a chance? Like had her act with Paul Rudd and if they weren't happy with her performance, then recast. Also she was more believable as a grown Cassie she looks like the older version of the actress who played kid Cassie," @NotBoogey added. 

Although a few people thought the move was for the better. "Because that was a quick role for one minute, anyone could do it and now they need a proper actress for a bigger part, it's really simple," @AsGrze explained. "I don't know the actor they got for the new one was better though," @profesonalhater wrote. 

One commenter made a very fair point: "Ant-man has had four different daughters," @choloabel added. Which is almost true. The role was originally played by Abby Ryder Fortson who played Cassie as a child. So three — three actresses have played the role.

Whew, Hollywood can certainly be tough.