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Matthew Perry Says He Can't Remember if He Beat Up Justin Trudeau in the Craziest Interview on "The Late Show"

Okay, this story is too weird.

Oh, Canada. We can't really explain what's going on with our neighbors to the north. And we certainly can't explain how Matthew Perry got into some beef with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To make matters even weirder, it happened when the two were kids Yeah, we don't know either. 

Perry told the strange story during a recent interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. A copy of which was shared on TikTok by the @globaltv

"You grew up in Canada, in Ottowa," Colbert asked him in the clip. "Went to school with a young man named Justin Trudeau." 

"There was a big rumor about us that we had, that I beat him up in grade school," Matthew said. 

"Did you?" Colbert asked.

"I don't think so, no," Perry replied. 

"But you're not entirely sure sure?" Colbert responded. 

Perry explained that two of his friends were the ones who told him that he beat up Trudeau — "And I just believed them," he joked. Perry explained that somehow the story also got back to Trudeau. And as adults, Trudeau tweeted at Perry and said he wanted a re-match. 

"And I said, you have your own army, no thanks," Perry kidded. 

Okay, we sort of understand what happened here. People in the comments section were also stunned by this story. "This is funny.. great story!" wrote one commenter. "Wait I never knew he was Canadian!! Omg I love him more now," another person exclaimed. "Whattt!!! Oh my God that I didn't know he was Canadian and was at the same school with Trudeau," a third commenter wrote. "Chandler army where ya' at!?" another person joked. 

Although we're pretty sure that Perry made the right decision by not fighting a government official, this is surely one of the more interesting stories we've heard all week.