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Matt Smith’s Reaction to Learning Keanu Reeves Watched “Morbius” On a Flight Is Perfection

We don’t blame him.

If you're anything like us, you're completely obsessed with Matt Smith from House of the Dragon. But there is nothing quite like seeing your favorite celebrity learn that another actor is a fan of theirs. That's exactly what happened during a recent interview with Happy Sad Confused podcast host Josh Horowitz. 

Horowitz pretty much blew Smith's mind during the interview, which was later shared on the @wermadashatters TikTok page. We'll give you one guess which celebrity was really digging Smith's film Morbius...

Yep, it was Keanu Reeves! Holy smokes, we're dying. According to the podcast host, he saw the whole thing first hand while on a flight recently. "I was on a flight and no less than Keanu Reeves was watching Morbius," Horowitz said. 

"Get out of my life!" Smith exclaimed. "You are joking."

"Not only that," Horowitz continued. "I was eavesdropping, I was kind of spying on him, he was watching Morbius and A Clockwork Orange back-to-back. That was his double-feature," he added. 

Okay, we're practically screaming for Smith, and with over 700,000 views other people in the comments section were just as stoked. "It is the 'get out of my life' for me," @ambernhawks joked. "Okay, someone needs to make sure Matt gets the chance to work with Keanu," @themagpiewriter urged. "He was legitimately excited. That was so sweet and genuine," @deepthoughtsbykelly pointed out. "I hope he knows that everyone agrees he’s the best part of Morbius," @kazookeyy added. 

We'd love to hear Reeves feelings about the movie — and more importantly, how it feels to be adored by Daemon. We're waiting, Keanu!