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One Fan is Sharing All of the Easter Eggs in "Werewolf by Night "— And Boy are They Good

Okay, these are smart.

Hopefully you're up to date with the new Marvel special Werewolf by Night, but if you're not it's absolutely the perfect addition to the MCU. Especially during spooky season. In fact, one fan is shared all of the best Easter eggs he found in the new movie. And you're definitely going to want to give the movie another peek. 

TikTok creator @jbuckstudios had many things to say in a recent video where pointed out all of these little details that you might've missed. Take a look!

The first thing he pointed out? Some Latin writing which said "bloodstone died on the last full moon of the year," he explained. "Hinting that Jack was actually behind it." Woah! There was also a wall full of monster heads — one of which was a vampire that Jack seemed to imply could've been Dracula or a "Nosferatu figure" the TikToker explained. Many of the characters' costumes were taken directly from comic books — which is so cool! There are even more Easter eggs that the TikToker found, but you'll have to watch the whole clip to see them for yourself. 

People in the comments section had found their own Easter eggs too. "I noticed that the cigarette burns only appear in scenes with people who are killed by Man Thing, Verussa and Jovan," wrote @sir_bannister. "Their masks kinda looked like Dr. Doom's mask," @_samue_l_ added. 

Ooooh, now we're even more intrigued. This is one of those cases when it's definitely better to have the comic books handy while you watch. Just think of all the gems that we missed! Sigh.