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Mariah Carey Has Officially Kicked Off Christmas Season With Incredible Video on TikTok

It's only Christmas season when Mariah says it is.

While you were at home giving at candy and trying to figure out how to make your own floating Stranger Things Halloween decorations, Mariah Carey has been hard at work preparing for the Christmas season. "But hey, isn't it only November?" you might be wondering. Nope, it's Christmas. As the Queen herself has declared in a hilarious new video online. 

We love how self-aware the video is — and how in Mariah's world Thanksgiving just simply doesn't exist. As the video on her TikTok page (@mariahcarey) shows, Carey was more than ready for Halloween to end. 

For the uninformed (all three of you), Carey's 1994 track "All I Want for Christmas is You" is basically THE song of the Christmas season. And while some people really live for Thanksgiving, other people start celebrating December 25 way before the end of November. And for those people, this new TikTok is for you.

The video shows Carey dressed up like a witch while riding an exercise bike, Wizard of Oz style, but then before you know it. BOOM! We're back on the set of the "All I Want..." music video and the Christmas season has begun. Did we also mention that Carey released the video on November 1 — just hours after Halloween ended.

"It's time," the video's onscreen caption reads.

With over 17 million views, people in the comments section were cheering. "THE CHRISTMAS QUEEN HAS RETURNED," @maurammcnulty exclaimed. "Brilliant, that's very clever. Love how you embrace the fact you own Christmas," @j.j..santos added. "MARIAH IT HAS BEEN 30 MINUTES CHILL," @kayls8262 joked. "I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR THIS IS MY TRADITION," @jaclaye chimed in. 

We have to hand it to her Mariah never misses. Plus now we can start putting up Christmas decorations guilt-free.