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Woman Uses "Lord of the Rings" to Show How Much "HOTD" Messed Up That Night Scene

As many, many, many people noticed on Sunday night, the most recent episode of House of the Dragon featured a scene that was just a tad dark. And by that we mean it was pretty flippin' impossible to see anything. Some people argued that the lighting was perfectly fine for a fantasy series like this one. But TikTok creator Allyssa Ablon (@allyssaablon01) has made a compelling argument why this is just not the case. 

The TikToker from Meanjin, Australia recently went viral for her explanation. And she used another beloved franchise to prove her point. 

"While I get that in the nighttime things are dark, not once did I see Pippin and Merry's face clearly and go 'it must be daytime,'' she said in the clip. "Like there are ways to convey to your audience that it is nighttime without making everything invisible." You hear that House of the Dragon

She pointed out several scenes in the Lord of the Rings franchise where the tiniest details could be seen. Which is...not the case for the HBO series. 

The video has since been watched over 300,000 times. "It almost feels disrespectful to the costume and set designers and SFX artists when they make scenes so dark," @toomanymarshmallows pointed out in the comments section. "They used blue lightning in LOTR for nighttime and I don't know why not every movie does it," @lecuddlingbean explained. "They made the same mistake twice. They already made a black screen for over an hour in season eight of GOT," @thesebastianschachner shared. 

Obviously the episode brought out feelings in everyone.