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Kim Kardashian Attends Tracee Ellis Ross’ Party In Intense Mystique Costume… But It Wasn’t a Costume Party

Despite the blunder, she looked amazing

Kim Kardashian always looks good, but not even pulling off a spot-on costume could prevent her from having a wee bit of a Halloween blunder. The Kardashians star showed up at actress Tracee Ellis Ross' 50th birthday party in a full Mystique costume. Only to realize that — gulp — it wasn't actually a costume party. Whoops! 

Kim (@KimKardashian) shared her embarrassing slip in a photo on her Instagram stories. But it was later reposted on Twitter by the @PopBase account.

"That time I showed up to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn't a costume party!" she wrote in her original message. Yikes! Thankfully, it looks like Ross took the mix-up in stride. But people in the comments section weren't as forgiving. 

"The second hand embarrassment," wrote @danni4pf on Twitter. "How embarrassing," another commenter agreed. "She jumpscared everyone me thinks," @rxalistic added. "That’s funny right there not gonna lie, that kinda stuff happens in the movies," @giselleb1234 wrote. To be fair to Kim, the party was on Halloween weekend so it's not totally a stretch to understand the mistake.

Earlier in the night, Kardashian also showed off her costume on TikTok. And people were totally stunned by her transformation. 

"Jennifer Lawrence is a fan of Kim so she's gonna be really happy," pointed out @kh10e1. "When I say this is the bomb I mean it," @hej_27381 added. "Okay but can we talk about how amazing you look," @cierralindasauced "I’m always curious to see what her costume is every year haha," @springrollmami admitted. 

Yep, we definitely are always checking Instagram to see what kind of over-the-top costume Kim comes up with. She never fails to disappoint.

If you ask us, she absolutely nailed it.