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Kate Hudson Confirms TikTok Theory About Rom-Com Classic “How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days”

What an eagle-eye observation.

We love when we spot a celebrity on TikTok, especially when it's someone like Kate Hudson. Gah! So cool! It's like finding Waldo out in the wild. So of course we were thrilled when Kate confirmed one man's theory about her hit 2003 Rom-Com How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Buckle up because we promise that this theory is so darn smart.

The Hollywood A-lister (@thekatehudson) was lounging in bed when she duetted a video from TikTok creator Raven Stone (@mrstoneauthor) who had some strong ideas he needed to share. "I couldn't help but notice that Andie's hair is straight for most of the movie," he explained in the video. "Every single time we see her researching her article — messing with Ben — she's Andie Anderson, 'how-to girl.' But we know that Andie Anderson doesn't want to be Andie Anderson, 'how-to girl,' she wants to write about stuff that matters!" So of course, this desire has to be reflected in the movie. Take a look!

Not only is Raven totally right, but Kate herself even confirms his theory, which is so, so, neat.

With over 2 million views, a lot of people online seemed to have an opinion on the matter. "Coming from a curly-haired human being, this storyline always made sense to me bc I felt like I had to straighten my hair to be accepted my whole life," @elysemyers wrote in the comments section. "This is what I love about TikTok. A huge celebrity can just duet a video so nonchalantly like it’s nothing," @chelseylance added. "Hair is just as much a part of a character as anything else. I love when it’s not a forgotten after thought but rather it’s own costume element!" @pottymouthpollyanna agreed. 

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TBH, this is so fascinating. We guess it's time for another re-watch!

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