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Jenifer Lewis Recently Stepped Into “The Shade Room” to Share Feelings on Kanye West

She held nothing back.

Actress Jenifer Lewis has strong feelings about Kanye West and she's letting the world know it. Speaking with The Shade Room recently, Lewis urged the rapper and fashion mogul to "get help" after he went on several antisemitic tirades. And now people online are applauding her for speaking out. 

The clip of the recent interview has since gone viral, and Lewis' message is short but sweet. Take a look at the video below. 

"I'm sick of Kanye," Lewis said in the video. "I was sick of him before he did all this mess," she added.

"I don't care what he's dealing with, shut your f—king mouth. You go sit down somewhere," she said, clearly furious. "All them kids that look up to his a—."

Then Lewis addressed the rapper directly — "Hey Kanye, go get help baby. Your children are looking at you. I know what pain you're going through, I went through it," she added, referring to West's struggle with his mental health.

With over 2 million views, people in the comments section were applauding Lewis for speaking her mind. "Jenifer Lewis is the truth. Love her," wrote one person. "Love her! Yes Jenifer Lewis speak to this baby speak to him on a mothering level which is WHAT HE NEEDS!! Won’t God do it," another person wrote. "Jenifer Lewis is a legend!!" a third commenter chimed in. "Jenifer Lewis is Auntie. She’s giving tough raw love!!" someone else agreed.

Lewis' comments come shortly after West faced an intense backlash for online rants, one of which where he threatened to go "death con three on Jewish people," as well as a poorly received fashion show, where West sent models down the runway wearing shirts which read "White Lives Matter." 

West does have mental health issues which undoubtedly play a part in the extreme opinions he's voicing. But that makes Lewis' message to him that much more important.