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People are Raving About Jonah Hill’s Super Personal Documentary

It’s healing for a lot of folks.

You have to hand it to Jonah Hill, he is one of the few male celebrities who speaks openly about his body image issues. He also seems happier than ever, and we can totally see why after watching the documentary he made with his therapist Phil Stutz, simply called Stutz. Now a clip of the emotional doc is going viral on TikTok, and people online are really connecting with it. 

The footage was shared by TikTok user Lauren Cadillac, RD, CPT (@feelgooddietitian) and shows Hill having a painful conversation with his mother, Sharon. 

The heartbreaking conversation happens in the middle of the movie, when Hill invited his mother into a session with he and Stutz.

"The doctor was like, 'Jonah should lose weight' and so you were like, as a mom, 's—t, I should listen to the doctor and take him to a nutritionist,'" Hill said to his mother. 

"Well to be perfectly honest, I would say that I didn't need him to tell me that I maybe thought you should lose some weight," she responded. Hill's mom then explained that her mother was "extremely small" and so was her sister — so she was in Hill's shoes in her family. 

"I think it gave me so much anxiety when either I didn't look that way or my kids didn't look that way that, I feel like, instead of thinking about what I was doing, I was just doing what I thought was right," she explained. 

"This is exactly how food and body image struggles get passed down generations," Cadillac pointed out in the caption.

The two get into more about their complex relationship, so definitely check out the full video above. 

People in the comments section thought this conversation was so important. "That's awesome that his mother is listening and learning rather than being defensive. It's so healing," wrote one person. "This is why I refuse to comment on my weight or my daughters weight in front of her. I will not continue this cycle," someone else shared. "She made mistakes and she’s owning that. Also - she’s clearly a fantastic woman, and likely a big part of why he’s fantastic. Credit where it’s due," a third commenter chimed in.

Yep, when it comes to body image issues we're all human — even our parents. But it's how we apologize when we're wrong that really matters. 

Stutz is now streaming on Netflix.