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JoJo Siwa Stole the Show for Elton John’s Last Stand With Her Incredible Costume

She nailed it.

You have to hand it to JoJo Siwa — she definitely knows how to make an entrance. In fact the only person who knows how to light up a room more than the former Dance Moms star is probably...Elton John. Although we think Siwa's outfit to a recent Elton John concert might've just tipped the scales in her favor. Take a look!

Siwa wowed people all over the internet with her spot-on transition to a costume inspired by the John biopic, Rocketman.

The Instagram reel shows Siwa approaching the camera with a pair of giant red wings on. But the second she hits a spin, something amazing happens. The music drops to a cover of one of John's most famous songs, "Bennie And The Jets" and Siwa is transformed into a version of the pop icon himself.

"Ready for @eltonjohn," she wrote in the caption before adding the flame emoji. It is just us or is she ready to hit the stage?

The video has since been liked over 110,000 times and people in the comments section were absolutely obsessed. "Elton John is the absolute best. I love this and I love that your educating your generation on 'the greats!'" one person exclaimed. "You go head!!!" another commenter cheered. "Wow, Sir Elton might have some competition for best dressed icon and living legend," added someone else. "OMG!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!! AHHHHHH," another commenter screamed. 

Here's a fun fact. Apparently John never really wore a devil costume during any of his performances. According to, while the idea was based on several looks John sported during his career. It seems like the devil costumes was something devised for the movie only. 

"It was the very first costume I designed of the whole film. We were talking about how he enters rehab. He has to be wearing something spectacular when that happens. I knew the scene was going to be all white and I dressed all the patients in black, white and gray – so the idea of him coming through in an orange devil outfit was perfect," Rocketman costume designer Julian Day explained to the news outlet. 

All this being said, the look is 100 percent classic Elton John. And if you ask us, Jojo Siwa totally crushed it.