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Jon Hamm's New Movie "Confess Fletch" is One Big "Mad Men" Reunion

We don't know about you, but we're still thinking about the series finale of Mad Men. Come on! It was great! So imagine how excited we were after a recent interview actor Jon Hamm gave, where he revealed that a former co-star would be in his new movie Confess Fletch! 

Obviously, we're still missing the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce days. But perhaps Hamm was too as evidence by a certain casting decision in his new film. Take a look!

Speaking with the Today Show (@todayshow), Hamm reveals that none other than John Slattery will be in the upcoming film. "Was that your idea?" anchor Savannah Guthrie asked him in the clip. "Yes, John was kind enough to do it and hopefully if we get to make more in the series of this story he'll be back," Hamm answered. Okay, now we're really listening. We just really hope that cameos from the rest of the Mad Men gang will happen too. 

According to Time, the movie is a new adaption of a series of novels by Gregory Mcdonald, And we say new because you might've remembered the two Fletch movies made in the '80s starring Chevy Chase. 

Clearly, this was a passion project. Hamm was so determined to get the film made that he even donated 60 percent of his salary to get the film made. 

"I gave back some of my salary, not as much as Jon because he’s richer than me and I’ve got three kids,” the film's director Greg Mottola joked to Uproxx. “And we bought three more days of shooting. We got it up to 30 days in Boston and one day in Rome. And we said, f—k it, we’re insane, we’re dumb. We're going to make this movie."

Okay, now we really want to see it. Confess Fletch! is now streaming and is on VOD.