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Video of Jeff Goldblum Trying Pocky for the First Time Is an Absolute Must-See

This is too pure.

Jeff Goldblum is undeniably a national treasure. Not only is he a beloved actor, but he's also hilarious too. Just take a video that went viral on TikTok recently, which shows Goldblum giving Japanese snack food Pocky a try for the first time.

We're not going to sugarcoat things, this video is absolute perfection. The clip from the @rollingstone TikTok page shows Goldblum having the most ecstatic response to trying the treat for the first time. Take a look!

We all remember the first time we tried Pocky. And if you haven't, you need to head out to the store and pick some up — ASAP. Apparently, Goldblum had missed Pocky-mania because he had no reference point for the snack.

"Jeff Goldblum tries Pocky for the first time," the video's onscreen caption reads. The look on Goldblum's face as he takes his first bite says it all. 

"Spectacular," Goldblum says in the footage. 

"Are you having a good first experience with Pocky, would you say?" the interviewer says from behind the camera. 

"Spectacular," he repeats. "Almost religious ecstasy," he added. 

Yep, that just about describes what we're looking at here. 

With over 2 million views, people online were obsessed with this video. "Did y'all know that this is actually my husband? Just letting you know," wrote one person. "To be fair, Jeff thinks everything is spectacular," another person pointed out. "Well… that’s my reaction when I eat Pocky as well so… lol," someone else argued. "The strawberry will do that to you, and followed by matcha? He never stood a chance," another person joked.

TBH, we're a little jealous that Goldblum is trying Pocky for the first time. But we have to admit, this video is the internet at its finest.