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Jason Momoa Sweetly Answered Kids’ Burning Questions and Our Ovaries Will Never Be the Same

He is a treasure and we must protect him.

Is there anyone more precious than Jason Momoa? We know, we know, the first word that comes to mind when talking about the Aquaman actor might not be precious, but a video of him answering questions from kids is downright cuddly. Consider us totally charmed.

A clip of Momoa answering questions from his tiniest fans went viral on the @etalkctv and it's just so sweet.

"Jason Momoa answers adorable questions from adorable kids," the video's onscreen caption reads. 

"We have a question for you: what is your favorite animal? Ours is a dog," one little girl asked in the clip. "Is yours an alligator?" another little girl chimes in.

"Oh my gosh, this is adorable," Momoa said in his response. "My favorite animal is a lion," he said. 

"How did you get so strong?" another child asked him. 

"I made sure that I eat all my food. And I get a lot of exercise, and I get a lot of sleep, and I listen to my parents," Momoa explained. That last part is especially important. 

The whole video is just so gosh darn adorable. You really need watch the whole thing and see all of Momoa's answers for yourself. 

"We thought we couldn’t love Jason Momoa any more than we already do… but we were mistaken, " the caption reads. And we whole-heartedly agree. So did people in the comments section, who were so smitten with the DC star. 

"Marine biologist, save the ocean. The perfect person to cast as Aquaman," wrote one commenter. "Kids ask better questions than adult interviewers," another commenter joked. "I don't think he could be a better person. So amazing all the way around," a third commenter added. "So, basically he is just the most awesome person ever. Got it," another person quipped. 

Yep, that sounds pretty much right.