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Jason Momoa Shows a Whole New Side of Himself on "Jimmy Kimmel Live' — And People Aren't Complaining

The "Aquaman" actor is apparently over wearing clothes.

To the delight of people, well — everywhere, actor Jason Momoa stripped down to his *ahem* fishing thong on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. You really read that right. And now people online can't get over his impromptu costume change.

We know that this sounds like something out of Aquaman fanfiction, but it really did happen on a recent episode of the late night talkshow. 

The actor was there to promote his new movie Slumberland, ET reports. But ended up getting down to nearly his birthday suit after Kimmel questioned a post on his Instagram page which showed him wearing something that looks like a lioncloth. It was actually a malo — a traditional garment worn by Hawaiian men — and was something that Momoa really took to while making Chief of War for Apple TV+.

"I'm doing a show. I'm a creator, writer, director, producer, and actor on this Apple series," Momoa said on the show. "That's what I wear every day."

"I was just getting ready for the role 'cause I like to get into character, and so I was tanning my white a—," he continued, attempting to explain the Instagram photo.

"I actually don't even like wearing clothes anymore," he continued. "I'm in it every day. I wear it all the time," he added. 

Well apparently he wasn't lying because he not only striped down to his malo, which was under his clothes, he even bent over and gave Kimmel a full view of his bottom. 

People on Instagram were feeling all sorts of things after seeing the footage. "Just sent this to myself for future reference! Lol," one person wrote. "Jesus take the wheel," another person added. "It’s my b-day today. Thank you!!!" a third person joked. 

We guess you could say it's all of our birthdays today too.