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Fans Are Paying the Sweetest Tributes to Power Ranger Jason David Frank Amid News of His Death

The love for the OG Green Power Ranger is real...

Fans everywhere are still in mourning after learning that Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has died. The news broke on November 20. And even days after his passing the loss still feels fresh for fans, who are now taking to TikTok to say goodbye to their childhood hero. 

For many '90s kids, Frank was one of the five superheroes who fought the bad guys on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Frank, as character Tommy Oliver, appeared in several iterations of the franchise and at times portrayed the Red Ranger, the Green Ranger, and the White Ranger. But no matter what he always saved the day. 

On his Instagram page, Frank clearly embraced his role as a '90s icon; often appearing at fan conventions and showing off old memorabilia from the original 1993 show. Even more upsetting, there are several posts on his page which shows Frank with kids dressing up in character. After all these years, the Power Rangers are still picking up new fans.

Grown up fans of the show are experiencing their own heartbreak, including one man on TikTok who made such a touching tribute to his childhood hero. The video from @balaclint shows him at first pretending to be his child. "My son watching his favorite Power Ranger," he wrote in the video's onscreen text. "Me watching him. *Thinks of mine,*" he added. 

The video then cuts to montage of Frank's best moments. Spanning the many years he was affiliated with the show and his many different changes from Red Ranger to Green. "Thank you Jason," he wrote at the end of the video. "The greatest Ranger ever," he added in the caption.

People in the comments section were deeply moved. "Not the Power Ranger movie music...I see you man," one person wrote. "Why you got me crying this early in the morning?" someone wondered. "I thought I was done crying," another commenter admitted. 

Later in the comments, @balaclint said something that really, really spoke to us. "WE SAY GOODBYE AS ADULTS..BUT THE KID INSIDE OF US STILL HOLDS ON," he wrote.