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James Cameron Reveals Where He Got the Idea for “Avatar” From

It’s an extremely exclusive “streaming service”

When you're one of the greats, people are always going to want to know what your secret is. But we don't think anyone was prepared for the downright sassy reply director James Cameron gave when asked where he got his inspiration for Avatar from. 

Cameron got real while speaking to GQ about the much-awaited Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water recently. And a small snippet of the conversation was later shared on Twitter.

If you've ever seen the first movie, you know that the whole world is pretty fantastical. So how in the world did Cameron dream up this whole thing? Well, as he explained to the magazine, it sort of happened while he was asleep. 

“I woke up after dreaming of this kind of bioluminescent forest with these trees that look kind of like fiber-optic lamps and this river that was glowing bioluminescent particles and kind of purple moss on the ground that lit up when you walked on it," he said. "And these kinds of lizards that didn’t look like much until they took off. And then they turned into these rotating fans, kind of like living Frisbees, and they come down and land on something. It was all in the dream. I woke up super excited and I actually drew it," he added. 

Or in other words: "I have my own private streaming service that’s better than any of that s—t out there. And it runs every night for free," he joked. 

Must be nice, James! 

People in the comments section were low-key impressed with Cameron's self-described personal "steaming service." "He's still got the juice," wrote one person on Twitter. "Jimmy got no chill," someone else joked. "This is cool as hell," a third commenter added.

In the end, we think we're all thankful for James Cameron and his crazy-cool dreams.