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Jack Black’s Recollection of Working On “The Holiday” Is Just Too Perfect

Protect this man at all costs.

We just have to put this out there: we love Jack Black. We could quote School of Rock all day long, plus he seems like a genuinely good dude. Well a clip that's since gone viral on TikTok proves this theory tenfold, and shows Black hilariously talking about the experience of getting his part in The Holiday.

The best part of the footage is that Black himself still seems surprised that he was cast in the now-iconic romcom. Take a look at the video, which was shared by the account.

If you've ever wondered how the funny man became attached to the project, Black explained all in the footage. 

"So I had done Nacho [Libre], The Pick of Destiny, King Kong, and I got this offer for this movie that was a lot different in tone. It's like softer, it was sweeter, it was a romantic comedy, and it was also an opportunity to work with Kate Winslet," he explained. "I was like, wait a second this isn't really gonna happen. Kate Winslet's not gonna do a movie with me. She's gonna go from a Leonardo Dicap to Jackity Blackity?" he teased. "And yes she was."

"Jackity McBlackity strikes again," the video's caption jokes. 

The video has since been watched over 1 million times. And while Black couldn't believe that Kate Winslet would fall for him, people in the comments section could totally see it. 

"Jack Black = the female gaze," wrote one person. "So Kate upgraded? Yes," another commenter agreed. "My mom use to tell me she would leave my evil step dad for him lol," another person agreed. "I absolutely loved him in this movie. Such a sweet guy for her, her character needed that!" someone else exclaimed. 

Face it Jack Black, you're totally a crush object.