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Video of the Cast of "House of the Dragon" Goofing Around to "Succession" Theme is Too Perfect

We love to see behind the scenes footage of our favorite shows. Including a clip of the cast of the House of the Dragon having a blast during their downtime. The footage shows HOTD stars Milly Alcock and Fabien Frankel playing around behind the scenes — and fans of another hit HBO show (@hbomax) are definitely going to love this clip.

Your ears aren't deceiving you — this is really the Succession theme song that they're dancing to. Talk about a crossover episode! We love that these guys are just as big of fans of the show as we are.

"Welcome to House Roy, Ser Criston and Princess Rhaenyra," the caption from the video states. Is it just us or is it totally strange to see Alcock and Frankel out of character? 

The video has since been watched over 4.3 million times and people in the comments section were absolutely loving it. "This show is basically Succession though and they know it," @melidafanke joked. "Song has me expecting Logan Roy to buy up King's Landing," @sammy_boy_ii kidded. "This is how I also react to the Succession theme at the beginning of every episode it’s just so dang catchy," @carolinafree2 admitted. 

While someone else spotted something from this season that has us totally amazed. "Based on what they are wearing you can tell what scene they were about to film when they made this," @itspopper wrote. "Oh so this is how y’all prepared for THE scene," @yungpaper agreed. We won't spoil anything and share which scene they're talking about. But if you've been watching this current season you'll know exactly which scene it is. So cool!