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TikToker Explains One of the Most Confusing Names on "House of the Dragon"

You might've noticed that there are a LOT of new character names to remember of House of the Dragon. And some of the names are so similar too! But one woman on TikTok is sharing some good information about one of the names we've been wondering about for a while now. 

The hot take was shared by creator @hotdthoughtswithgracie, who gave a great explainer on why Ser Laenor Velaryon decided to wait to his third son to use the name Joffrey — you know, the name of his deceased lover?

"He actually tried to name his first child Joffrey after his lover, but we find out in the show that Lord Corlys and Viserys made a deal that the first born child of Rhaenyra and Laenor would carry the last name Velaryon up until they took the throne," she said. Then they would take on the Targaryen name. "Lord Coryls begged that the first born child be named a Velaryon name for the beginning of their name, so they would have a Velaryon and a Targaryen name when they ascended the throne," she added. 

She also guessed that possible Lord Coryls discouraged his son to not name his son Joffrey, because he assumed he would "grow out of his preferences." Clearly not!

People in the comments section had some strong opinions about the video. "Also by naming his third child after Joffrey, he's basically guaranteeing he will keep the name Joffrey Velaryon, their 'married' name," @mega_neon_man pointed out. "Jace (Jaecarys) is Rhea's her Luke ( Lucearys) is Leanor's. Corlys wanted them both to have Velaryon names but the youngest won't be heir so it's ok," @yosrkh3 added. 

Although one commenter had something really good to say. "So y’all gone sit here and really act like those kids Laenor’s lmaoo," @homeofhotdd wrote. 

Okay, fair point!