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People Are Convinced Alicent Is In Love with Rhaenyera on HOTD

Last week's House of the Dragon showed a very different side of Queen Alicent's relationship with Rhaenyra. In fact, it was almost hard to remember that at one point the two were best friends. But now people on the internet are wondering if they're love-hate dynamic has fallen firmly on the love side. Take a look!

The theory was shared on TikTok by creator @alexlopezwrites, who posed the idea that there might be more to Alicent and Rhaenyra's dynamic than just feuding family members. 

"Do you guys agree with this based on tonight's episode that like Alicent is totally in love with Rhaenyra?" he asked in the clip. The footage shows a tweet superimposed behind the TikToker, which reads "Alicent is so clearly in love with her." And it's definitely an interesting question. 

People in the comments section were really into this theory. "She is for real so in love with her. Should’ve ran away on Syrax when they had the chance," @uhhhhnicolee wrote. "She's always been in love with Rhaenyra that's part of why she's so angry at her," @zbxnsksnw argued. "Homegirl wanted R to be in a miserable marriage like her but since R ended up married to a great friend and was able to do as she pleased A is mad," @saivh6 pointed out. "Alicent looked so much more calmer and relieved when they were on the mend with each other, and those pauses and staring afterwards too. Def in love," @itzvee666 agreed. 

If that wasn't convincing enough, later in the clip Lopez shared something that really sealed the deal for us.

"I also read this study that said that the part of your brain that loves is the same part of your brain that hates and that's why you can easily go from loving to hating someone so quickly," he explained. Hmmm, very interesting!