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Fan Has Major Theory on Princess Rhaenys After Last Night's Episode of "HOTD"

Hmmm, okay we can sort of buy this.

We say it every week, but this time we mean it when we say that SO many things happened on last night's House of the Dragon. Especially now that a certain you-know-who has left the throne up for grabs. One woman on TikTok had the best theory on the way the episode ended. And yep, it involves that show stopping moment from Princess Rhaenys. 

Alexandra Desiree (@yourtvgirl) had clearly been thinking about what it all means. Take a look in the video below (although we do warn you, there are spoilers ahead)!

"Rhaenys held it down," she said in the footage. "Now before everyone jumps on the high horses and gets upset and says that she could've ended this entire war. I want to explain why she decided to [not]," she explained.

Alexandra explained that there might be several reasons why Rhaenys decided to not use her dragon to extinguish Alicent and her children. One reason being that Rhaenys wanted to prove a point: "I am showing you a kindness. You can stop this at any point. The ball is in your court," she said. The rest of her theory is so interesting, but you'll have to watch the video to see. 

People in the comments section agreed with the TikToker — but they didn't exactly love what happened. "Yeah you’re right… but come onnnn Rhaenys, why not burn Otto just as a warning or Ser Crispy," @carol_londe wrote. "She showed her mercy. She's a powerful women not a monster and she loves her blood- this was her episode, not the Greens," @cwillev7 agreed. "It’s giving Dany not killing Cersei when she had a chance," @sammyspringate pointed out. 

Although another commenter probably said it best: "Omg this scene was epic.. it was a strong scene and she basically showed she will not allow the Hightowers to put any fear in her heart," @viperbbi agreed. 

Darn straight!